Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Open Season

Yesterday marked the first day that potential candidates seeking office in Chicago could circulate petitions for candidacy. A candidate seeking the Alderman position in the 32nd Ward is required to gather
150 signatures from registered voters in the ward.

Several potential candidates have identified themselves already. From the
article posted on the Wicker Park Booster site:

Potential alderman candidates have started speaking out against incumbent Ald. Ted Matlak, the 32nd Ward leader who seeks re-election in February.
Candidate Catherine A. Zaryczny, a Ukrainian Village resident, said at the meeting that 32nd Ward residents are more familiar with 3rd Ward alderman "Dorothy Tillman's hat than Ald. Matlak's face."
Matlak isn't "free to listen" to his constituents, Zaryczny said. Campaign contributors -- a list that "reads like a developer's directory of who's who" -- control Matlak's actions, Zaryczny said, as do powerful City Council members.
John Lag, a member of the Sheffield Neighborhood Association, said he's not officially in the running, said Matlak operates his ward in a 1920s-style manner, where "back-room" deals are made while men "chomp on cigars."
Candidate Roger Romanelli of Ukrainian Village said Matlak doesn't work with Local School Councils to find out what local schools need, such as speed bumps and stop signs.
Scott E. Waguespack, an employee of the city of Berwyn, also has announced his candidacy.


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