Monday, September 25, 2006

Free PCs In France

They're calling it an internet access portal - that's marketing-speak for "computer". When your business is the network, as is the case for French telephone company Neuf Cegetel, you do what you can to take the focus off of the hardware (the computer) and put it on the network.

Neuf Cegetel announced they are bundling a discount computer with their internet service, using the code name "Easy Gate". The decent computer is available for 150 Euros and 40 Euro/month service fee. This is smart.

A few years ago a few companies in the US offered what they called 'Email Stations' or something like this. They hardware companies worked closely with the internet service providers, and they offered a dumbed down machine that would function for email only (I believe?) for around $100 (I think?). Wow how technology is becoming cheaper - now it is an entire computer (flat monitor, webcam, mouse, and keyboard available for 100 Euros additional).


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